Enerpal, a leading company in the energy sector, received a visit from the technical committee of energy policy of the Aomori region, Japan, in early September, interested in learning about the company’s history and experience in the renewable energy sector to subsequently be able to adapt it to the Japanese market, which is currently promoting the use of renewable energy sources.

Directors of the different areas of the company showed them the facilities and presented the projects that Enerpal has carried out in the course of its trajectory since its foundation in 1997. They commented on the current market situation in Spain presenting them with the new strategic lines that will allow the company to adapt to the new conditions that establish the international markets, focusing the expansion business in Japan.

They highlighted the quality and services that Enerpal provides in each of its installation for every single customer the company works with. After the visit to the headquarters of Enerpal and the presentation of the projects they had the opportunity to visit on site the status of works concerning those wind power plants which Enerpal has in municipalities around the capital of Palencia, making a total of 50MW in terms of capacity.
This fact is a further step for the Enerpal international global expansion currently in progress.