Enerpal participates in “Enerbrío”. The program that drives several Action Groups in search of alternatives to agricultural, livestock and forest waste.

ADRI Cerrato Palentino embarked yesterday as coordinator of the cooperation project Enerbrío (Bioenergy Rural) in the fourth technical day focused on innovation and the change of energy model.

Its purpose is to look for viable alternatives – economically and technically – through the use of agricultural, livestock and forest residues. Mainly, they focus on the use of Cerrato straw, an abundant element in the region according to local farmers.

The aim of ADRI is to “inform the potentialities and weaknesses of the use and distribution of biomass for industries such as municipalities and private individuals, the capitalization of products considered residual, such as forest biomass, manure, slurry or straw and on the need to report on the reduction of the environmental impact produced in soil and water, as well as to serve as a forum for information and debate on biomass and bioenergy”.

Source: El Diario Palentino.