Implementation and promotion strategy of the quality seal for photovoltaic solar energy installations

ENERPAL in collaboration with the Cluster of Renewable Energies and Energy Solutions in Castilla y León (CYLSOLAR) and with some companies that are members of it, will proceed to implement a Quality Seal for Photovoltaic Solar Energy Installations.

The project entitled “Implementation and promotion strategy of the quality seal for photovoltaic solar energy installations“, as a complementary project to the one subsidized in 2018 and entitled “Characterization and development of a quality seal for photovoltaic solar energy installations”, It is conceived as the fundamental pillar, in order to achieve the objective of successful and orderly growth of the solar photovoltaic sector.

This project aims to implant a quality seal of photovoltaic solar installations, which assures clients (companies and individuals) the good work of professionals and provides certainty, security and sufficient guarantee to the client.

The general objective of this project is the introduction of a quality seal, as a certification and brand system for Photovoltaic Solar Energy Installations, to recognize the quality and specialization of the installation service of companies in this sector, in the design, execution and maintenance of photovoltaic solar installations, as a differentiating instrument.

Specific objectives of the project

  • Mejora de la calidad del servicio ofrecido por las empresas al someterse a unos estándares de calidad superiores.
  • Mejora de la imagen del sector, al ofrecer una marca de calidad.
  • Mejora de la confianza del cliente en las empresas instaladoras.
  • Mejora de la competitividad del sector a través de la innovación.

Expected results

  • Obtención de una gran ventaja competitiva para todas las empresas asociadas.
  • Aumento en la realización de instalaciones solares fotovoltaicas.
  • Incremento de la mano de obra cualificada en el sector.
  • Aumento del tipo de servicios que el cluster ofrece.
  • Oportunidad real de alcance de nuevos mercados.

Participating entities


                                                               Intelligence in Technological Design (INDITEC)

Support for

This project is being subsidized by the Junta de Castilla y León through the support line for the Innovative Business Groupings, call 2020, of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).