The ECO-BUILDING business division has two Units:

  • ENERPAL REAL ESTATE S.L. : Management of real estate assets.
  • ENERPAL EDIFICACIÓN SOSTENIBLE S.L.: Ecological and sustainable building

Real Estate Asset Management


Enerpal has important real estate assets, buildings, land, etc …, using part of them to develop their own activity and the rest leasing to third parties.

Ecological Building and Advantages

Through partnership or collaboration with other real estate developers, as well as with multidisciplinary teams for the development of real estate projects, Enerpal develops the Ecological Building and brings the best innovative ideas to equip buildings with the highest degree of energy and environmental efficiency possible, resulting in economic savings for their users.

Enerpal is committed to the intensive use of the latest technologies to provide thermal and electrical energy to the building and other needs of its users (such as the recharging of electric vehicles), as well as the development of innovative insulation systems that result in its sustainability, with the aim of obtaining the maximum level of energy efficiency rating A+.

Buildings of high level of energy efficiency have several advantages over other buildings. Among others we can highlight the following ones:

> Reduction of Property Tax.

> Reduction of the cost of building insurance.

> Immediate obtaining of the Certificate of Energy Efficiency, which would facilitate the purchase or sale or lease of all the property or part thereof.

> Elimination of the risk of fuel explosions.

> The implemented technologies (biomass boilers, solar collectors, insulating elements, etc …) are not polluting.

> They maintain the same level of comfort both in winter and in summer seasons, due to the high resistance to heat exchange or cold to the outside.

For all this, Enerpal is at your disposal to further clarify these concepts and in your case to help make your building more energy efficient and enjoy these advantages.


Enerpal participates in building projects by developing the engineering and construction of these buildings energy solutions, with a quality recognition in all of them.

All the materials used in the technical solutions provided by Enerpal are certified and approved for each targeted market.

Given the quality of the projects developed by Enerpal, they are approved by financial institutions in order to be financed.

  • Specialized cleaning.
  • Integral logistics.
  • Technical and maintenance services.
  • Auxiliary services.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Environmental services.
  • Security services.
  • Facility Management.
  • Management and processing of all Permits, Licenses and Authorizations necessary for the development of any Project.
  • Negotiation and advice of the contracts necessary for the development of Projects.
  • Technical feasibility study of each Project.
  • Design of promotions.
  • Basic project.
  • Administrative project.
  • Constructive and detailed engineering.
  • Re-design and re-engineering of promotions.
  • Owners Engineer Services.
  • Analysis and valuation of projects and promotions.
  • Studies associated with promotions (topography, hydro, geotechnical, communications, …).
  • Consulting and Technical Advisory Services.
  • Energy Efficiency and Audit.
  • Environmental Consultancy.
  • Project directorate and project management.
  • Preparation and management of request for quotation documentation.
  • Advice services and negotiation of EPC contracts.
  • Advice services and supervision of construction works.
  • Turnkey Construction.
  • Quality inspections and mounting finish.
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