The ECO-BUILDING A+ business division has three Units:

  • ENERPAL PROYECTOS TERMOENERGÉTICOS S.L. It performs Project Engineering, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of heat generation plants to improve the Energy Efficiency for buildings and industrial processes.
  • ENERPAL SERVICIOS TERMOENERGÉTICOS S.L. It performs the Integral Management of heat generation plants for large buildings and industrial processes. Sale of thermal energy (kcal).
  • ENERPAL FOREST DISTRIBUTION S.L. It performs Manufacturing, Distribution and Sale of Biomass.

Eco-efficiency in Building and its Advantages

Enerpal develops Energy Eco-efficiency projects for Building through solutions that can lead to the implementation of District Heating for multiple buildings or boiler rooms for independent buildings, using in both cases biomass as fuel. It also carries out solar thermal installation projects for generation of hot sanitary water and self-consumption photovoltaic power plants for generation of electric energy, as well as the optimization of consumption related to electrical installations and the implementation of charging points for electric vehicles, in order to reach maximum A+ Energy Rating.

Enerpal can act as an Energy Services Company (ESCO), in the implementation of District Heating projects and boiler rooms, since like other companies which sell electricity Enerpal is approved as an Energy Services Company by the Ministry of Industry and Energy for sale of heat energy (kcal) by using ecological elements and fuels.

Enerpal is committed to the intensive use of latest ecological technologies to supply electrical and thermal energy to buildings, as well as to meet other users’ needs, resulting in economic savings for them.

Buildings of high level of energy efficiency have several advantages over other buildings. Among others we can highlight the following ones:

> Reduction of Property Tax.

> Cost Reduction of the building insurance.

> Obtaining of the Certificate of Energy Efficiency immediately, which would ease the purchase, sale or lease of the property as a whole or part thereof.

> Elimination of the risk of fuel explosions.

> Implemented technologies (biomass boilers, solar collectors, photovoltaic self-consumption, etc …) are not polluting.

Therefore, Enerpal is at your disposal to further clarify those concepts and help make your building more energy efficient thus enjoying these advantages.


Enerpal covers all the activities of the value chain (promotion, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance) in projects whose purpose is the implementation of solutions that allow to improve the energy efficiency of buildings thus contributing in this respect to count on either environmental-friendly systems in new buildings or the renovation of existing elements in old buildings (District Heating, boiler rooms, biomass heat generation plants, solar thermal installations, electrical installations, photovoltaic self-consumption plants, electric vehicle charging points), as well as in manufacturing  and distribution of biomass for both third parties and owned energy assets, with a quality recognition in all of them.

Like other companies that sell electricity, gas, etc. Enerpal is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Energy as an Energy Services Company for the sale of heat energy (kcal).

Developing its activity by carrying out the project engineering, construction and maintenance of thermal installations for heat generation in large buildings, industrial buildings and processes.

Enerpal has experience in large projects as Energy Services Company so that our clients benefit from the advantages of consuming 100% natural energy, and hence paying only for the energy consumed.

Enerpal assumes:

  • Sizing of the thermal installation of energy generation for the Heating System, Hot Sanitary Water or Industrial Process, studying the current consumption and proposing the most efficient and cost-effective solution, in turn improving the energy rating of the client.
  • Required investment to carry out the necessary adjustments in the thermal installations.
  • Comprehensive energy management (fuel purchase, operation & maintenance, breakdowns, permits and authorizations, etc …) of the thermal installations in order to generate the necessary heat.

For more information on our energy services, please fill out our contact form:

  • Management and processing of all Permits, Licenses and Authorizations required for the development of any Project.
  • Negotiation and advice on those contracts necessary for the development of Projects.
  • Technical feasibility study of each Project.
  • Prior assessment of energy efficiency.
  • Studies associated with promotions (topography, water, geotechnical, communications, …).
  • Solutions Design for energy efficiency improvement.
  • Analysis and valuation of projects and promotions.
  • Consultancy and Technical Advisory Services.
  • Environmental Consulting.
  • Basic project.
  • Administrative project.
  • Constructive and detailed engineering.
  • Redesign and reengineering solutions.
  • Owners Engineering.
  • Project directorate and project management.
  • Preparation and management of request for quotation documentation.
  • Advisory services and negotiation of execution works contracts.
  • Advisory services and supervision of construction works.
  • Turnkey Construction.
  • Quality inspections and mounting finish.
  • Supervision of commissioning.

The integral management is in charge of doing everything necessary for the proper functioning of the assets, both of the buildings as well as the electric and thermal energy production plants, including tasks related to operations, maintenance and administrative management.

Preventive Maintenance:

  • Detection of any incident which may create a performance issue involving power generation plants.

Predictive Maintenance:

  • Remote monitoring and diagnosis of the operation and function of power generation plants. Analysis of performance and efficiency. Analysis of fuels and energy sources.

Corrective Maintenance:

  • In case of failure, Enerpal shall attend the plant within a minimum time window from the fault detection with the technical and material means to remedy the problem. Enerpal has a 24h / 365-day service on call.
  • Facility Management.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Environmental Services.
  • Technical and maintenance services.
  • Auxiliary services.
  • Security services.
  • Integrated logistics.


  • From the Enerpal Control Center (24 hours, 365 days) all plants are managed and controlled in real time and operated according to their needs.
  • Enerpal has developed and adapted a global software solution that allows it to manage all the plants it has under maintenance, providing remote access to the client.
  • Enerpal performs the monitoring and follow-up of the production and performance of the assets, aimed at anticipating incidents and identifying improvements, being able to act on plant elements in real time.


  • Preparation of monthly audits of production, status and events of each plant.
  • Management of project operational contracts (EPC, O&M, security, financing, etc.), supervision of compliance of contractors’ obligations and guarantees claim.
  • Management of plant operating insurance and potential insurance claims in case of damage.
  • Optimization of operating costs (O&M, security, auditing, insurance, etc.).
  • Management of energy sale.
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of production.
  • Monitoring the efficiency and quality of used biofuels.
  • Optimization of productive performance of each plant.

Through the FOREST DISTRIBUTION subsidiary, Enerpal is dedicated to the Manufacturing and Distribution of Quality Biomass in order to supply high-quality biomass biofuels for both biomass thermal power plants owned or operated by third parties, meeting technical requirements of each type of boiler as well as with environmental legislation and putting into the hands of its clients a solution which shall bring them:

  • Lower Thermal Cost.
  • Lower Cost of Breakdowns.
  • Greater respect for the environment.
  • Biomass Supply Guarantee.
  • National Distribution with owned fleet.


Energy Efficiency, we refer to the efficient management of energy used in buildings and industrial processes. Enerpal carries out projects of Eco-Energy Efficiency by analyzing energy consumption and proposing the most appropriate actions in each case, with the aim of improving energy efficiency by implementing efficient and environmental friendly solutions, thus generating economic savings to clients and reducing released pollutants emissions coming off from the buildings to the atmosphere.

District Heating is called the centralized heat generation that, through a system of distribution networks of thermal fluids, meets the heating and domestic hot sanitary water needs of the buildings in its surroundings which are connected to said network system. The heat distribution can also be used to supply energy to surrounding industrial processes.

One of the most important characteristics of these systems is the high efficiency of the heat distribution pipes, which allow the transport of thermal energy with minimum losses (less than 1°C per kilometer).

In addition, given heat networks present an increase in energy efficiency in the generation of thermal energy:

  • Equipped with energy efficient heat generation systems.
  • Used fuels are ecological and respectful towards the environment.
  • The use of resources of the environment (local forest resources, heat leftover from the nearby industry, etc …).
  • They improve the energy efficiency of the buildings and industrial processes connected to them, being able to reach an A+ energy rating.

There are also important environmental, social, labor and economic benefits that radically improve the areas and regions in which they are implemented.

Enerpal has the economic capacity, experience and business structure required for the development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of this type of infrastructures for heat generation and distribution.


Enerpal offers its clients plants designed to meet the needs of large buildings and industrial processes that register a high demand for thermal energy through an Energy Services Contract (ESCO contract mode). Where Enerpal is in charge of:

  • The dimensioning of the installation of thermal energy generation for the Heating System, Hot Water Sanitary or Industrial Process, studying the current consumption and proposing the most efficient and cost-effective solution, in turn improving the energy rating of the client.
  • The necessary investment to carry out the required adjustments in the thermal installations.
  • Comprehensive energy management (fuel purchase, operation & maintenance, breakdowns, permits and authorizations, etc …) of the thermal installations in order to generate required heat.

Biomass is a forest fuel that provides energy for thermal purposes, in a more sustainable, efficient and economical way than fossil fuels derived from petroleum. The conversion of forest waste is an important thermal energy resource.

The advantages, environmental, labor, economic and tax generated in the areas and regions in which they are used, make biomass for thermal use a relevant energy source to take into account for the development of Heating Systems, Hot Sanitary Water of buildings and industrial processes in general, also improving their energy efficiency being able to reach an A+ energy rating.


Solar thermal energy, we call in that way the harnessing of incident energy from the sun to produce heat by means of thermal collectors that generate, and accumulators that store hot water for consumption, whether hot sanitary water, heating or any other energy forms.

Enerpal performs the dimensioning of the generation installation of thermal energy either for the Heating System, the Hot Sanitary Water or the Industrial Process, studying the current consumption and proposing the most efficient and cost-effective solution, in turn improving the energy rating the client’s.

Enerpal conducts studies and improvements to optimize the consumption of electrical installations of any type of building, namely the consumption of lighting systems, elevators, boiler rooms, pumps for water and heating, etc …

As a starting point, it is analyzed the way in which the electrical energy consumed by the building is used, the consumption habits of its users and real needs that are demanded, as well as later proposing the most profitable improvement options for the client.

Enerpal has the means and the experience to realize the design, construction, operation and maintenance of this type of solutions:


  • Optimization of the electricity supply contract, through the review of the contracted fixed term and the negotiation of the electric energy tariff.
  • Retrofit of electric energy consumption elements by more modern and efficient models, such as: lighting systems, pumping systems, electric motors, etc …
  • Implementation of systems that allow to reduce the consumption of reactive energy associated with electrical installations which charges, on a monthly basis, on the cost of the energy bill.
  • Implementation of more economical, efficient and ecological energy generation systems, such as photovoltaic self-consumption or wind power plants.

We call it self-consumption to the electric energy generated with technologies for harnessing wind and sun resources for own use.

Enerpal carries out the sizing of the electric power generation plant, studying the current consumption and proposing the most efficient and cost-effective solution, in turn improving the customer’s energy rating.

6 Vehículo Electrico_1 3Enerpal is committed to the electric vehicle and “sustainable mobility”, and in this respect, it considers as basic criteria savings in economic terms, the environmental care in ecological terms and the energy efficiency in terms of resources optimization.

For the development of cities in the next future for both existing buildings and urban areas as well as in new building promotions, provision shall be made for the infrastructures necessary to enhance such concept of “sustainable mobility” by using the “electric vehicle“, taking into account the needs and mobility demands of end users: private and public transport.

Enerpal has the means and the experience to carry out the implantation of required infrastructures for recharging electric vehicles:

  • In parking spaces of public buildings and car parks.
  • In parking spaces of private buildings.
  • At existing service and gas stations.

Enerpal offers its clients different design, installation and legalization modalities for the implementation of Electric Vehicle Recharge Points:

  • Powered-up by means of connection to the Utility grid, in conjunction with the negotiation on the electricity supply contract necessary for the operation that best suits the needs of each client.
  • Powered-up by a self-consumption photovoltaic and/or wind power plant, in such a way that users have at their disposal electrical energy from renewable sources, by taking advantage of the roofs of buildings or free areas where recharging points are implemented.

All of this would enable cities and their inhabitants to have sustainable urban mobility on a daily basis, substantially reducing pollution rates, improving the environmental quality of the surrounding, providing a means of transport at a lower cost and promoting sustainable energy independence.


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