The ENERGY EG business division has two Units:

  • ENERPAL PROYECTOS ENERGÉTICOS S.L. carries out the Project Engineering, Construction, Operation and Maintenance related to electric energy generation power plants at a national level.
  • ENERPAL INTERNATIONAL S.L. carries out the Project Engineering, Construction, Operation and Maintenance related to electric energy generation power plants at an international level.


Enerpal covers all activities in the value chain with the exception of manufacturing (promotion, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance), both for third parties and for own energy assets, with a quality recognition in all of them.

All materials used in the installations developed by Enerpal are certified and approved for each targeted market.

Due to the quality of the projects developed by Enerpal, make them approved by financial entities in order to be financed.

  • Management and processing of all Permits, Licenses and Authorizations necessary for the development of any Project.
  • Negotiation and advice of the contracts necessary for the Projects development.
  • Technical economic feasibility study for each Project.
  • Design of power plants.
  • Preliminary evaluation of resource of power plants.
  • Basic project.
  • Administrative project.
  • Construction and detailed engineering.
  • Re-design and re-engineering of power plants.
  • Owners engineer services.
  • Project directorate and project management.
  • Preparation and management of request for quotation documentation.
  • Advisory services and negotiation of EPC contracts.
  • Advisory services and supervision of construction works.
  • Turnkey Construction.
  • Quality inspections and mounting finish.
  • Supervision of commissioning works.

The integral management is in charge of doing everything necessary for the correct functioning of the assets, including the tasks of operations, maintenance and administrative management.

Enerpal has a Division specialized in providing Maintenance of installations, through which the following works are carried out:

Preventive Maintenance:

  • Detection of any incidents that may generate a performance issue in the installation, including security systems and reception of alarms.
  • Preventive actions of cleaning of modules, vegetation clearance and treatment of ground, rodent control.

Predictive Maintenance:

  • Thermographic analysis of all Low Voltage elements of the installations, as well as High Voltage elements (distribution and transmission lines, switchgears, manoeuvre centres, transformer and switching disconnection centres, substations) in order to detect and avoid future damages and unavailability, due to the regular operation of the plant.

Corrective maintenance:

  • In case of failure, Enerpal will attend the plant within a minimum period of time from the detection of the fault counting on technical and material equipment and resources to remedy the issue.

Enerpal has a 24-hours 365-day service on call.

Our maintenance division also performs specialized maintenance services (High-quality inspections, finishes, vertical work, welding, oil change, …).


  • From Enerpal own Control Centre (24 hours, 365 days), all plants are managed and controlled in real time, and are operated according to their needs.
  • Enerpal has developed and adapted a global software solution that allows us to manage all plants under maintenance, providing remote access to the client.
  • Enerpal performs monitoring tasks and follow-up of the production and performance of power plants, aimed at anticipating incidents and identifying improvements, and being able to act on plant elements in real time.


  • Preparation of monthly audits of production, status and incidences of each plant.
  • Management of project operational contracts (EPC, O&M, security, financing, etc.), supervision of contractors’ obligations compliance and guarantee claims.
  • Management of the operation insurance of the installation, and of possible insurance claims in case of incidents.
  • Optimization of operating costs (O&M, security, auditing, insurance, etc.).
  • Management of energy sale with market agents and documentation with the Administration.
  • Monitoring and continuous analysis of production. Optimization of productive and economic performance of the installation.

Implementation of design modifications, whether structural, mechanical, or electrical in different elements of the installations:

  • Adaptations to the morphology of the terrain.
  • Minimization of electrical losses.
  • State-of-the-art solutions for cabling, foundations and security.
  • Continuous design improvement to minimize operation and maintenance times.
  • Reduction of electrical consumption associated with power plants.
  • Parametrizations and monitoring using cutting-edge technology.
  • Cabling solutions focused on safety and electrical risk elimination.
  • Analysis and valuation of projects and installations.
  • Studies associated with the installations (topography, hydro, geotechnical, communications, …).
  • Consulting and Technical Advisory Services.
  • Energy Efficiency and Audit.
  • Environmental Consultancy.


solar-cells-191687_1280Solar PV systems for the generation of electric energy and feeding of conventional electrical grid.

Grid-connected solar PV systems are designed to convert sunlight into electrical energy, which is injected directly and automatically into the electrical conventional grid. This type of grid connection works automatically in parallel with given grid.

The production of energy destined for sale basically seeks the profitability of its investment. In addition to a power plant of this type, we are also generating clean energy, hence contributing to the conservation of the Environment and make an investment in sustainable development.

Wind energy systems for the production of electric energy and feeding of conventional electrical grid.

The use of wind energy is done by wind turbines that transform wind energy into electricity, which is injected directly either into the distribution network or transmission for its sale. This system can be installed individually or collectively, denominated Wind Power Plant.

The production of energy destined for sale basically seeks the profitability of its investment. In addition to such an installation we are producing clean energy, thus contributing to the conservation of the environment and make an investment in sustainable development.

We name it self-consumption to the electric energy generated based on technologies of exploitation of wind and solar resources, for own use.


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